Do You Know These Health Benefits of Honey August 13, 2017

The humble honey bee is a hard-working insect but did you know that the honey he produces could be the key to improved health and vitality? We will be taking a look at some of the health benefits linked to pure honey and by the time you finish this you will have a greater appreciation for the honey bee.

·    Helps Treat People Suffering from Oral Herpes

There are millions of people all over the world who suffer from oral Herpes. While there is no cure for this condition there are many pharmaceutical products sold to treat the side-effects linked to this illness. Individuals who have oral Herpes could get relief by applying a small dab of Honey BC to the fever blister. Honey has antibacterial properties so when it is applied to the fever blister it will draw out the fluid containing the Herpes virus and destroy it. Since not all honey is 100% pure it would still be prudent to not touch the fluid from the fever blister if you do not have oral Herpes. While using the honey it will reduce the irritation caused and shorten the duration of the outbreak. As mentioned there is no known cure for Herpes but using honey will reduce the impact the illness has on your overall health.

·    Great Moisturizer for Your Skin

Honey BC

If you have dry, cracked skin, you could swap out the expensive moisturizers and switch to something all-natural like Honey BC. The honey has properties that creates a protective barrier over your skin which helps retain the moisture. You would not be able to apply raw honey without diluting it with rose water or some other compound. When the honey is diluted it will not feel “sticky” on the skin but will still create the barrier needed to trap moisture. Your skin will look amazing and since there are no negative side-effects linked to the use of honey you will be fine.

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